VRS Paint Rejuvenation

For the vast majority of cars, paint correction really can make an unimaginable difference and will completely remove or significantly reduce most marks. Our technicians have the skill to remove scratches, where otherwise requires fresh paint.

VRS Paint RejuvenationPaint correction is also known as swirl mark removal, machine polishing, car mopping or buffing. The definition of paint correction is the removal of all imperfections in paintwork, such as scratches, watermarks, swirl marks, dried bug remains and fading to reproduce an as new condition or better.

The process is undertaken by a professional Detailer or someone with quite a few years experience in understanding how the structure of paint is applied on a vehicle.

It involves the use of a machine polisher (usually a rotary, orbital, random orbital or dual action polisher), a selection of abrasive compounds, polishes and an assortment of buffing pads (usually cutting, polishing and finishing pads), together with regular checks with a paint depth gauge whilst polishing, to keep record of exactly how much lacquer is being abraded away. Lustre reading is done before and after to measure the difference of gloss in the paintwork.

We are always making sure that our pads are regularly cleaned between panels worked upon while machine polishing.

V.R.S - Paint Enhancement Detail (1 stage Random Orbital Polisher)

Paint Enhancement is designed for vehicles with paintwork which may contain minor paint defects such as light scratches and holograms, this treatment also provides your vehicle’s paintwork with exceptional depth, gloss and clarity

Active foam rinse, wheels & tyres washed by acid free wheel cleaner & dressed, safe 3 bucket wash by ph neutral shampoo conditioner & dry by microfibre towel with spray wax, fuel cap washed, all glass polished, door, boot & bonnet shuts cleaned & polished, wheel arches cleaned, deep wheel cleaned, tar spot removal, exterior trim dressed, engine bay cleaned & dressed, exhaust renovated, 3M Clay Bar, Single Stage of Machine Polishing (open cell technology pad and extra fine polish), application of Autoglym Liquid Hard Wax (3 months duration).

4-5 Hrs- £195
4x4 - £240
Van - £275

Cquartz Ceramic Quartz Paint Sealant (2 years) - £100
Swissvax Shield 40% Carnauba Wax containing PTFE with pre cleaner, including wheels (6 months) - £60
Headlamp Restoration - £50
Alloy Wheel Protection, break dust repellent - £20
CarPro FlyBy30 Glass Guard, rain repellent on all windows - £20

V.R.S Paint Rejuvenation Detail (2 stage Rotary / Orbital Polisher)

Removes surface imperfections such as oxidisation, most scratches, water marks & etching. Restoring a deep lustrous shine to paintwork. Increases value of the car

Cutting stage (compound) with foam pad and rotary polisher, then refining with orbital polisher and black diamond pads. Including full decontamination wash (tar and irons are removed), clay bar treatment, alloy wheel protection and application of Autoglym HD Wax (6 months duration).

6-7 Hrs - £295
4x4 - £360
Van - £395

Gtechniq Crystal Lacquer C1 (5 years) - £120
Gtechniq EXO hydrophobic top coat (18 to 24 months) - £100
Gtechniq C5 long life wheel armour - £40
Headlamp Restoration - £50
Gtechniq G1 rain repellent - £30

V.R.S Paint Correction (3 Stage Rotary / Orbital)

Multiple stage paint correction followed with a full decontamination wash to achieve a flawless finish. With this service we are able to remove up to 95% of the marks in your car paint.

On harder paints we start correction with wool pads (rotary) and go through polishing and re fining stage. On softer paints we are using 21mm throw Random Orbital Polisher to safely remove paint imperfections and finish with refining (ultra thin) polish. At the end, Swissvax Shield 40% Carnauba Wax with PTFE (6 months duration) is applied, plus wheels and glass are protected.

10 - 12 Hrs - £495
4x4 - £595
Van - £665

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light (5 years) - £150
Gtechniq EXO Hydrophobic top coat (18 to 24 months) - £100
Gtechniq C5 long life wheel armour - £40
Gtechniq G1 rain repellent - £30
Headlamp Restoration - £50

V.R.S Wet Sanding (inc V.R.S Paint Correction)

Sometimes the only option to remove a imperfection is by sanding the paint surface. This can be a fast and effective way to remove a heavy scratch or scuff

With wet sanding, we are carefully shaving off a microscopic layer of a paint surface using abrasive sandpapers pads and water. We do this in order to leave a flat mirror-like surface, completely free of imperfections and with unmatchable gloss levels.

We then finish with 3 stage paint correction and long lasting Carnauba Wax that is very smooth to the touch

16-20 hrs - £750
4x4 - £900
Van - £999

Gtechniq Crystal Lacquer C1 (5 years) - £120
Gtechniq EXO Hydrophobic top coat (18 to 24 months) - £100
Headlamp Restoration - £50

Headlamp Restoration

If your vehicles headlight lenses are dull or faded, perhaps they are starting to yellow, then V.R.S can restore their condition to as-new without the need for replacement with new lenses

Wet sanded with 3 grids of sanding paper, machine polished & coated with sealant

£30 per headlamp
£50 for a pair

Paint Chip Repair System

Stone Chip Repair Service is a most comprehensive and bespoke repair system available for cars today. It's a cost - effective and convenient alternative to body shops and SMART repairs while providing a better finish that alternative touch - up products

Using special blending solution and original paints from manufacturer for each vehicle, the Paint Chip Repair System will dramatically improve the appearance of paint damage

Quote by Vehicle

Premium Extras  
Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light (5 years) - 9H Scratch resistant coating (inc.C2v3) £150
Gtechniq Crystal Lacquer C1 (3 to 5 years) - 7H Scratch resistant £120
Gtechniq EXO hydrophobic top coat (18 to 24 months) - Hydrophobic Coating £100
Cquartz Ceramic Quartz Paint Sealant (2 years) - Hydrophobic Coating £100
Swissvax Shield 40% Carnauba Wax with PTFE + pre cleaner wax (6 months) £65 
Swissvax Onyx 30% Carnauba Wax + pre cleaner wax (2 months)  £40 
Swissvax Leather Revitalisation (leather cleaner, milk and goose fat preserver) £50
Cquartz Fabric/Leather Protection, liquid repellant £40
Gtechniq I1 fabric and L1 leather anti bacterial, liquid repellent protection coat £50
Gtechniq C2v3 Liquid Crystal spray sealant (4 - 8 months) - top coat £30
Gtechniq C5 long life wheel armour (1 to 2 years) £40
Gtechniq G1 rain repellent (20.000 to 30.000 miles) £40

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