VRS Car Detailing

Car Detailing is the practice of performing an extremely thorough cleaning, decontamination and protection of interior and exterior surfaces. It's carried out using a systematic approach  to produce a show-quality level of detail.

VRS Car Detailing

Car Detailing is highly skilled craftsmanship aimed to deliver exceptional results.

Even in hard to reach areas our team of experts possess the right tools and have been trained on ways to access these areas efficiently.

If your car have been recently detailed, there is no better time to start a regular Maintenance to keep your car in this current condition.

SMALL - Ford Ka, Mini, Fiat 500 | MEDIUM - VW Golf, Porshe Boxter, BMW 3 Series | Large - BMW 5 Series, Tesla Model S, Estate | Extra Large - Range Rover, Porshe Cayenne, 4x4 | Van - Mercedes Benz Vito, VW Transporter, Ford Transit

V.R.S Regeneration Detail

This top up service is reserved for existing customers who have had one of Detailing, Paint Protection or Rejuvenation services but that don't have a time or simply don't want to have to worry about the ongoing prestige maintenance of their vehicle

After carefully and thoroughly washing the car we will remove any tar spots that have build up since last detail before applying another coat of sealant wax by machine which will regenerate existing ceramic coating and extend any existing type of protection - essence plus (Sio2 jeweller) plus spray sealant C2v3 to the wheels. The interior is cleaned and leathers are conditioned. The interior and exterior glass is cleaned with the front screen receiving a top up on the rain repellent coating. Finally the exterior dressings are applied to leave the car looking as the day it was first detailed. It is best this regeneration is carried out no more than 3 months after the original detail took place.

S (4hrs) - £135
M - £150
L - £165
XL - £180
Van - £195


V.R.S Interior Detail

VRS Interior Detail is designed for cars that have seen a lot of use since their last VRS Interior Valet. With this service we are killing 99% of bacteria and germs, then we are protecting all the surfaces with antibacterial and anti ageing protection products.

Includes all the benefits of V.R.S Interior Valet (with mix of Citrus based Degreaser & Tea Tree Oil), plus all surfaces are hot steamed (150c), all fabrics are protected by Gtechniq I1 Smart fabric (antibacterial and hydrophobic protection), Gtechniq L1 Leather guard (antibacterial leather protection), Gtechniq C6 Matte Dash (antibacterial dashboard and door card protection), AIR CON Sanitiser is let off.

S (3hrs) - £150
M - £165
L - £180
XL - £195
Van - £210

Leather Repairs - Quote by Vehicle

V.R.S Detail

An entry level detailing service from VRS including deep extraction shampoo (mix of Citrus based Degreaser & Tea Tree Oil), safe wash and paint decontamination with with a single stage machine polish and wax, leaving your car in prestige condition. Great way to increase resale value or return that new car feel.

Citrus degreaser applied, active snow foam rinse, wheels & tyres washed by acid free wheel cleaner & conditioned, safe 3 bucket wash by ph neutral shampoo conditioner & dry by microfiber towel with spray wax, fuel cap cleaned, all glass polished, Autoglym Super Resin Polish applied, door boot and bonnet shuts cleaned and polished, wheel arches cleaned, deep wheel cleaned, tar spot removal, iron removal, fallout removal exterior plastics conditioned, exhaust renovated, wheels polished, paint decontamination (clay bar - including glass), single stage of machine polish with one step compound (cut & gloss) and one step pad,  Liquid Hard Wax applied, rubbish removed, extensive full vacuum, dashboard and all consoles dust-vacuumed, deep extraction shampoo on all surfaces (mix of Citrus based Degreaser & Tea Tree Oil), interior plastics/trim/vinyl deep cleaned air dusted & conditioned, auto-fresh applied, all glass polished, leather cleaned by ph neutral Leather Cleaner and soft leather brush to safely pick up the dirt and then remove it, Leather Conditioned by Leather Balsam, headlining shampooed.

S (6hrs) - £225
M - £250
L - £275
XL - £300
Van - £325

Hot Steam Treatment to all interior surfaces (150 C) - £30
Autoglym High Definition Wax (6 months duration) - £45
Fabric / Leather Protection, liquid repellent - £40
Gtechniq C5 long life wheel armour (1 to 2 years) - £40
Gtechniq G1 rain repellent (1 to 2 years) - £40

V.R.S Restoration & Protection Detail (inc. prev. service)

Includes all the benefits of V.R.S Detail plus 2nd stage of extensive machine polishing to remove paint defects such as scratches, holograms and swirls and followed by Essence Plus (High gloss jeweling ceramic coat wax) application.

After vehicle is revived on inside and decontaminated on outside, additional cutting stage of machine polishing is applied to the bodywork to remove heavier paint defects and refined with polishing stage to remove haze and to achieve high gloss and depth. Finally, whole process is finished with application of Essence Plus - High Gloss Jeweling Wax (with SiO2 Quartz Protection for up to 12 months).


S (7hrs) - £375
M - £400
L - £440
XL - £480
Van - £525

Upgrade to Cquartz Wheels & Glass Protection - £75
Interior Surfaces Protection - £75
Ext. plastics, rear & headlights, exhaust protection - £50

V.R.S Signature Detail

A comprehensive detail that will take up to 3 days to be completed. VRS Signature Detail includes multi stage paint, glass & rims correction, application of Gtechniq Total Surface Protection with Crystal Serum Light + EXO, intensive interior detail with steam cleaning at 154c and full range application of Gtechniq Interior proterction products.

28 stage, high quality wash with purified water, decontamination wash with tar & iron removal, clay bar treatment, multi stage paint, rims & glass correction, intensive interior detail, application of Gtechniq TSP (with Crystal Serum Light + EXO) including 5 years protection to the paintwork, interior (anti - fog) and exterior glass, exterior trim, wheels, light lenses, engine bay components, interior leathers, fabrics, dashboard and door cards.

S (2 days) - £800
M - £900 
L - £995
XL - £1095
Van - £1195

Optional Extras  
Clay Bar Treatment (inc. Wash & Wax) £65
Renovo Convertible Roof Preperation & Protection (inc Wash & Dry) £50
Autoglym High Definition Wax (6 months) £45
Autoglym Leather Conditioner (inc pre wipe) £30
Engine Bay Detail £50
Steam Clean of All Fabrics (deionised water) £30
AIR-CON Sanitiser/Odour Remover Fogger with Hot Steam pre treatment (150 C) £30
Headlamp Restoration & Protection (wet sanded, machine polished & sealed) £30
Autoglym Liquid Hard Wax £30
Headlining Shampooed £15
Premium Extras  
Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light - CSL (3 to 5 years) - 9H Swirls resistance (inc.C2v3) £150
Gtechniq Crystal Lacquer - C1 (3 to 5 years) - 7H Swirl resistance coating £120
Gtechniq EXO - Ultra Hydrophobic Coating (2 years) - 7H Swirl resistance £100
Cquartz - Ceramic Quartz Glass Coating (2 years) - 7H Swirl resistance £100
Convertible Top re - dye & Protection (inc Wash & Dry) £100
Essence Plus - High Gloss Jeweling Coat Wax (12 months) £80
Swissvax Shield 40% Carnauba Wax with PTFE + pre cleaner wax (6 months) £60 

Swissvax Onyx 30% Carnauba Wax + pre cleaner wax (2 months) 

Swissvax Leather Revitalisation (leather cleaner, milk and goose fat preserver) £50
CarPro Fabric/Leather Protection, liquid repellant £50
Gtechniq I1v3 AB fabric and L1 leather anti bacterial, liquid repellent protection coat £75
Gtechniq C2v3 Liquid Crystal paint sealant (4 - 8 months) - top coat £50
Gtechniq C5 long life wheel armour (1 to 2 years) £60
Gtechniq G1 rain repellent (20.000 miles) £40

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